Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Part of Me Has Just Been Ripped

Another part of my childhood gone... J. Geils passed away. While Centerfold was a ubiquitous hit, I have to say that my personal favorite moment from the band was always the cynical-yet-hilarious Love Stinks, which is anchored by the late Mr Geils' crunchy guitar:

I'm also partial to Must of Got Lost, from the band's earlier, bluesier days- I always crack up when Peter Wolf shouts "Hey, Raputa the beauta, let me climb the ladder of your love!"

I always found the band to be humorous- their songs having a slightly warped comedic edge to them. As a snarky bastard, I heartily approved.


M. Bouffant said...

When I arrived at college in the late Jurassic (1971 C.E.) The J. Geils Band's first album & the Allman Bros. at Fillmore East were hot shit (& rightfully so) in the dorm, 'though I'd never heard (or heard of) either outfit before. (In my defense, I had been out of the country.)

Absolutely had a sense of humor. (Unlike the Allmans.) And should've been the most successful Beantown band, rather than Aerosmith.

Harry Hamid said...

Because of my age, I remember "Centerfold" pretty well, recalled "Love Stinks" once I watched your clip, and know all the words to Peter Wolf's solo "Lights Out".

I'm afraid the obituary list these next few years is going to determine my listening schedule.

mikey said...

I was never much of a fan - which is not to say that I had to turn the radio off when they played a J. Geils song - just kind of meh. It might have had to do with the saturation of songs like Centerfold, Love Stinks and Freeze Frame on KFRC, the local AM rock station and what you listened to in the car. The playlists were so short in those days that you'd hear any song in heavy rotation every hour or so...