Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gaslighting and the Streisand Effect

It's no surprise that a megalomaniac who always thinks of himself in superlative terms would be upset that his inaugural attendance was dwarfed by that of his predecessor, but sending a flunky out to lie about something that we can see with our own eyes is a ridiculously inept attempt at gaslighting. This gaslighting attempt is particularly bizarre because it creates a Streisand Effect- the attempt to shove the reality down the Memory Hole has only drawn more attention to the poor attendance.

To compound matters, Trump's SpokeHessian Kellyanne Conway has doubled down on the Orwellian nightmare by characterizing Press Secretary Sean Spicer's lies as 'alternative facts'. Thankfully, even lackluster CNN is calling out the bullshit.

The truly bizarre thing about this debacle is that it serves no purpose but to stoke the overinflated-yet-fragile ego of a thin-skinned wannabe tyrant. I have no doubt that the spin, the lies, the 'alternate facts' about the inaugural attendance came from the top of the shit heap... it's appalling that one of Trump's first acts as 'Precident' of these United States is to push foolish lies about a petty subject.


M. Bouffant said...

Can't wait until the "governing" starts Monday.

CapnMubbers said...

Um, "his inaugural attendance dwarfed that of his predecessor..." is what he claims. Opposite world.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The honeymoon is over with the storm damage in the Southeast, MB.

Fixed that typo... Thanks, oh Capn, my Capn.