Sunday, October 9, 2016

Locker Room Talk

Today is another busy day, but I figured I'd write a quick post about Donald Trump's jocular admission of sexual assault and a certain segment of society dismissing it as "locker room talk". Yesterday, I was in a locker room, after teaching three children's classes. I ran into my friend Sap, who is pushing sixty. We talked about how, from April to October, he has had a pain-free tennis season. Sal has a daughter who I am privileged to know- not once has he ever referred to her as a "piece of ass".

I also had a nice long talk with Danny, the locker room attendant, lRgely about his college course load this semester. I assured him that he could keep the physics textbook I loaned him last December so he could get a leg up on his physics prerequisite for engineering. Danny was born in Mexico's Federal District and immigrated as a child. He wants to get an engineering degree so he can expand his father's construction business. Sometimes, Mexico does send its best and brightest.

Anyway, that's what I consider locker room talk, but then again, we're not a bunch of assholes.


OBS said...

I don't spend a ton of time in gyms (preferring to get my exercise outdoors) but when I have been in locker rooms:

1) I generally try to avoid talking to anybody, I'm just trying to change my clothes and get the fuck out of the place.

2) The only words I have generally considered saying consist of some variation of of "Dude, please put your fucking pants on, your saggy gray nutsack is dangerously close to my face and I really don't like it."

3) Surprise! There is a notable and utter lack of people bragging about sexual assault.

paleotectonics said...

Its a real positive to see actual athletes calling bullshit on it too.

It is, however, sickenlingly, probably out there, most likely in team rooms where it is supposed to be 'bonding' (see: Payton Manning (has bragged about asaulting a female equipment manager for years), Jameis Winston (where to start, although FSU made a point of making sure he got away with everything), Mark Chmura (was too good to meet Bill Clinton after a SuperBowl win and after boning his kid's babysitter)) rather than in public locker rooms.

In short, 2016 Paleo for President! "We don't just talk about FEMA Camps"

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I see the Notorious RBG had some bad things to say about Kapernick and company protesting flag ceremonies before football games.

Sorry, RBG, but you got this decision wrong.

OBS said...

Holy shit, Thundra and I agree on something! I may faint.