Friday, September 5, 2014

Fiscal Responsibility: Christie Style

Under fiscal conservative Chris Christie's leadership, New Jersey's debt has been downgraded for the second time this year and the fifth time overall. Once again, Republican policies fail to improve the fiscal standing of a Republican-led polity. I'm beginning to think that Republicans aren't about fiscal responsibility at all.

As if the debt downgrade wasn't enough, the Atlantic City casino industry is imploding, with the closing of a ,much-vaunted luxury casino being the start of what is probably an irreversible death-spiral for the city. Oh, well, a government pinning its economic hopes on gambling revenue (and Christie muffed the amount of cashola that legalized internet gambling would bring in to the state's coffers) is as stupid as an individual pinning his economic hopes on lottery tickets.

Christie's been an unmitigated disaster for New Jersey, all of the bombastic bloviation in the face of his critics can't hide the fact that he has done nothing to improve the economic standing of either New Jersey or New Jerseyans.


Anonymous said...

He's been wrong from the start, screwing up federal education grants, highways funding, major project zoning approvals, being in favor of online gaming (which cuts into AC gaming revenue) dispersing Sandy Funds, cronyism, not putting money actually in the state workers pensions like he said he would, and investing the lot in Wall Street funds via...oh, more cronyism.

His bad judgment in picking the very loyal so and so's who pulled the great bridge caper and somehow are giving him plausible deniability should, I think, bite him in his ample and inadequately -covered hinderparts.

I'm not sure why his failings are so generally sanitized and disposed of. They are though.

~East Coast Anon

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That phrase, "It's OK If You Are A Republican", ECA. It's real for our corporate media.

Jim H. said...

It's a shame what's happening to Trump out there in AC, too. Such a nice guy.

Patricia said...

I live in New Jersey, in an area devastated by Sandy. He is finally being investigated for using those funds for free advertising right before his re-election. I have often said that this state is as bankrupt as Detroit. Our property taxes are astronomical, food pantries are everywhere. Our unemployment rate is upwards of 9%, now with all the casino's closing, the food pantries are planning for even more families in need. People are still trying to rebuild. The corruption at all levels, local, county, state is overwhelming and people are leaving in droves. I wish I could hang it all on Christie, although I think he is horrible, but Corzine and McGreevy, Just added to the downfall of this state. God help the people who will try to collect pensions that the state stopped contributing to for years. Robbing Peter to pay off Paul. There's probably going to be a massive breakdown before we can build it up again. Thanks for your timely post. You would not believe the misery I encounter daily here, at the Jersey Shore.