Friday, February 17, 2017

As Tengrain Would Put It, a Palate Cleanser

After a week of really bad news, I figured I needed to post what Tengrain would call a palate cleanser. I listen to a lot of college and public radio, and even the local commercial station I listen to has a nice 'indie' vibe. One band that's been getting quite a bit of buzz is Sydney's Middle Kids. These... uh... kids from the drouthy Antipodes are really amazing- their rhythm section is muscular and frontwoman Hannah Joy deploys jangly guitar and gorgeous, rich vocals in a killer combination. I am totally enamored of the band's second single, Your Love:

I've been a big fan of Australia's independent musical scene since my days of listening to Midnight Oil, the Hoodoo Gurus, and the Celibate Rifles. That being said, the Middle Kids are keeping up a grand tradition, and I look forward to hearing much, much more from them in the future.

When things are terrible, we need good art more than ever.


mikey said...

I'm just gonna suggest that maybe it WASN'T a week of bad news, but rather nearly the best possible under the circumstances. If there's anything that's going to limit the amount of damage this so-called administration can do with control of both houses of congress, it's the dysfunction and chaos introduced by the unstable and delusional president.

I want to see MORE tweets, more unhinged press conferences, more bungled executive orders, more incompetent boobs nominated for cabinet positions, more competent people turning down increasingly desperate offers of key jobs.

I think at this point only Trump can save us from Trump, and so far he's doing a better job of it than we could ever have hoped...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, this chaos is a lot better than a competent dismantling of civil culture would be.