Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Don't Ordinarily Bleg...

I don't ordinarily bleg, but I do make an exception for the Secret Science Club, which is hosting a fundraising campaign. My friends Margaret and Dorian are great champions of continuing science education, and the monthly lectures are free.

Back when I worked in a big insurance company, in an office with one-hundred co-workers, I would shake the tin cup every year when I rode in Multiple Sclerosis Tappan Zee bike ride, asking everyone for two dollars, figuring that I'd rather get two dollars each from one-hundred donors than one-hundred dollars each from two donors (most people gave more than two dollars). I certainly wouldn't ask people to give more than they can afford, but if you can throw a couple of dollars in the tip jar, it would help to keep this worthwhile educational and cultural institution going, and I would be extremely grateful.

This country is going to need all the intellectual boosting it can possibly get.

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