Monday, September 5, 2016

Off on Labor Day?

In a stunning development, I actually have off on Labor Day. My 'weekend' is typically Monday and Tuesday, so I usually have off on Mondays, and we have adequate staffing so there's no 'all hands on deck' situation. The organization pays time-and-a-half on holidays at any rate, so my part-time subordinates are actually happy to work. One of the guys told me about a bunch of car repair and maintenance bills he has coming up, so he's eager for all the hours he can get. I'm content with loafing around all day in order to celebrate my status as a worker. I had a conversation with a bunch of co-workers today about working on Labor Day, and the general consensus is that the job is rewarding... one important factor is working for a not-for-profit is 'buy in'. None of us is making a ton of money, but we value our work and we cherish our workplaces. That being said, I don't mind having the day off.

In the past I've linked to the Dead Milkmen's song Stuart, which I consider a perfect distillation of right-wing conspiracy theorist fringe paranoia. In their snottier early incarnation, the Milkmen excoriated the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon with their song Labor Day:

As an added bonus, in the hope that taco trucks will indeed materialize on every corner, here's a doubleshot of Dead Milkmen, Taco Land segueing into Big Lizard in My Backyard:

Now, if only I had a taco truck on the corner, I know what I'd be having for lunch on this lazy Labor Day. Hope everyone is having a good time.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm in West Virgina. myself. Weather is grand!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That's good to hear, it's been gorgeous weather-wise, but one can see the angry clouds of Hermine off to the south.