Monday, February 15, 2016

SCOTUS Nomination Game

Even though we all know that the Republican congress won't approve of any Supreme Court nominations by President Obama, a guy can dream right? In a comment at Tengrain's place, Sirius Lunacy has a cunning plan:

Obama should immediately nominate Joe Biden just for the exploding head effect.

Then comes the doubling down- this is a seriously diabolical plan:

Or perhaps even better, Obama should immediately resign and then just when the wingnuts reach peak celebration mode for deposing the Kenyan Usurper, Joe Biden could nominate Obama.

Sirius, if that is your real name, you really need to join Barack Hussein Obama's staff, maybe as the Wingnut Torture Czar.

My personal preference would be for the President to nominate his wife for a seat on the Supreme Court... Michelle Obama has a degree from Harvard Law School, she is only fifty-two years old, and the woman is dedicated to her health and the health of America's children... I'd love to see her on the Supreme Court for a good forty years.

Any other suggestions for Supreme Court nominees? While joking to some extent, I really believe that our First Lady would make a great SCOTUS justice... I'd love to hear some other ideas, serious or not.


mikey said...

Important to understand that whoever Obama nominates, it is a 'kamakazi run'. That person will suffer badly for almost a year, and will certainly NEVER be a supreme court justice. It will have to be someone that is qualified, but is willing to endure much bullshit for the next year with nothing but downside as a result.

"Men? I've got a suicide mission. Nobody's coming back from this one, and you'll certainly be captured and tortured repeatedly before you are killed. Volunteers?"

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That's precisely why I think he should nominate Michelle. On a serious note, if she wanted to enter political/administrative life, she would make one incredible Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Unknown said...

Hillary Clinton.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I can't see any better choice than Anita Hill. I see Charles Pierce is with me.

mikey said...

I think it's starting to become clear. Obama is going to be Obama. He's not going to stunt, he's not going to make a 'tactical' nomination. He's going to play it straight up - you know he's got a list, at least five names, and I think the question is which, if any of them, will agree to jump off this cliff. The one name that's probably off the table is Sri Srinivasan. He's the real deal, and I think Obama will keep in in his pocket for the next go 'round...

Unknown said...

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