Friday, October 25, 2013

Let 'Em Piss Down that Drain

One of the big local stories going around in the NYC metro area is the lifting of a campaign donation cap in New York state by a federal court. Prior to lifting this ban, donors could not contribute more than $150,000 per year.

Alabama businessman Shaun McCutcheon, a mining industry company head, wished to donate $200,000 to Lhota's campaign, and brought the lawsuit.

Currently, Lhota trails frontrunner Bill DiBlasio by just about 45 points. It's doubtful that all the money a Carpeteabagger, especially an anti-labor one, can funnel into the race would result in a Lhota victory. If McCutcheon wants to piss hundreds of thousands of dollars down the Lhota drain, let him do it.

Of course, the prospect of unlimited campaign contributions is much more worrisome in the context of next year's midterm House elections. Hopefully, the sheer odiousness of the Tea Party House candidates will nullify the money advantage.

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mikey said...

It's way past way too late.

What happened was unexpected. The Wealthy and corporations in the US wanted to control the government, but they recognized that the US system of governance left that kind of blatant bribery exposed. So they came up with a brilliant, innovative solution. They legalized institutionalized political bribery. The US system is the most politically corrupt system in the world, but it's entirely legal and normalized so it's not recognized as such. You gotta hand it to them.

They own the system, and it's entirely legal...