Sunday, September 22, 2013

September is the New October

One theme that has run throughout my blogging career is the annual descent into madness that is October. October is our major fundraising month, with every weekend occupied by major events. This year, my department has two fewer staff members than last year, and I am the guy who has to cobble together a schedule. Four department members, three sites to cover over seven days, with simultaneous events occurring every weekend. I'm jumping through hoops here.

Today, besides trying to get feedback from everybody regarding the October schedule, I have been running around all day. Today was the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, so we had a lot of Hasidic families visiting the site (the celebration involves getting outside for a good portion of the day, and we provide wholesome entertainment in an outdoor setting, so we have a good number of Hasidic families visiting on a typical Sunday, but today was especially busy). I had to help one of the day shift members close up one of the buildings, and Ginger followed us from one side of the site to the Visitors' Center, where she was a huge hit with our visitors (while she won't replace Moses, she's carving out her own niche).

Tonight, I had to travel to another site to address a glitch in the alarm system there, which took an hour to accomplish. I then had to e-mail my department head to give him some feedback regarding next month's staffing requirements.

It's been a busy, busy day, and it's not even October. I guess it's good practice.

Tomorrow, I'll provide links for the various referents in this post, but I'm out of here in ten minutes, and I wanted to put up a quick post, almost a placeholder.


Jim H. said...

I can't make it the week of the 14th. Not available Tues's throughout the whole month—off-site training. Taking a couple vacation days the next to last week of OCT, not sure yet of the days. Also, Fridays are generally bad for me, you know budget and admin duties, staff mtgs, etc., especially in the afternoons. Otherwise available. Please factor this into your scheduling. Thanks.

Jim H. in IT

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Please factor this into your scheduling. Thanks.

I'm putting you on for a month of Sundays!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Does that mean I'll be another year older in October?