Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie

I am saddened to see how low Charlie Rangel has fallen. After a long, distinguished career as a U.S. representative, he's now reduced to fleeing his ethics hearing, crying poverty?

I always liked Rangel, I considered him a great liberal voice in the House, and a public servant dedicated to the (largely voiceless) people of his district. He was also a funny, charismatic speaker, with a distinctive gravelly voice and an interesting cadence. He always made for interesting media appearances.

He should have retired- he should have given another Harlem politician (preferably a young, idealistic up-and-comer) a chance, rather than running for reelection. As someone whose salary was paid by the taxpayers, he should have paid his taxes.

You broke my heart, Charlie.

As an afterthought, Rangel's ethics problem will undoubtably be seized upon (again)by the usual suspects, and a round of "You know those people are dishonest and corrupt" will dominate this week's news coverage.

UPDATE: Oh, double bing-bang hell!


Substance McGravitas said...

It's a pretty weird episode, that's for sure. Why he doesn't just fucking GO is mysterious.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

...a round of "You know those people are dishonest and corrupt"

Yep. Just like a House Rep. with $100,000 in his freezer was exactly the same as the entire House GOP leadership living large off a slave labor/forced prostitution scam in the Marianas.