Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Cancel Culture?

No, no, I haven't been hit by Cancel Culture, not being on record for engaging in problematic speech or action... the new culture of cancellation is strictly COVID-19 related. Next week was supposed to be a busy one pour moi, but the novel coronavirus has pretty much stomped all over my plans. Monday's Secret Science Club lecture has been postponed, and the beautiful Bell House has added a COVID-19 response statement to their website. The upcoming NY Open Judo Team Tournament, scheduled for March 21 has been cancelled... this was an agonizing decision made by my friends, but it's important to consider the safety of the audience, and the competitors, who need to be healthy for the upcoming Olympic games (if they aren't cancelled).

This is when the true impact of the virus response hit home, there's a lot of work that goes on to produce these events, all brought to nought. Of course, erring on the side of caution is the sensible course of action- who wants to be the jerk responsible for an outbreak of a nasty disease?

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